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July 2018
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Alexander Learning Center

"Where Students SOAR!" 


Alexander Learning Center's "Dream Team" embraces the philosophy of education which honors and supports each individual students' unique development. Our goal is to empower children to reach their potential in a supportive atmosphere where they experience joy, creativity, and self-confidence while learning about themselves and the world around them in a safe, caring environment.

The mission of Alexander Learning Center is to create a cooperative professional learning community dedicated to raising each child up to his/her fullest potential.  We  encourage and incorporate parent involvement to support the idea that education is a shared responsibility. Together we support our students to be successful as they proceed through the educational system in a nontraditional setting.  Our goal is to educate children for a changing world and to challenge young thinkers to be tomorrow's problem solvers. We will nurture globally responsible citizens who are empowered to think beyond the confines of the classroom and who recognize their impact on the world around them. 


Alexander Learning Center is a unique school with four different campuses offering a variety of alternative means of educating youngsters.  The main school site is located at 1545 Coty Street where our Accelerated Program, Special Education Program, and Elementary Expulsion Program are housed. We also have educational alternative programs at the Rutherford House(main building), the Rutherford House Vocational Center, and the Juvenile Detention Center. All campuses have updated technology and an individualized curriculum tailored to the needs of our students.


 Climate and Culture


  • Focus is on the whole student and his/her academic, emotional, social and behavioral development.  
  • Warm, caring relationships between members of the school community.
  • All employees are "caregivers" to our students and also act as counselors, advisors, and mentors.  
  • We have HIGH, but flexible expectations for ALL students.

Organizational Structure

  • Small size - Classes are small to foster a sense of community, and to enable personal interaction between teachers/students.
  • Relative autonomy-- Our teachers, staff members, and often students participate in the management of their learning styles and decision making.
  • Comprehensive program-- including experiential education and vocational components to provide links between the school and the student's future life.
  •  Counseling programs which includes social skills lessons are integrated into the curriculum of the school.


  •  Not the traditional school-- which allows more differentiation of instruction

Curriculum and Instruction

  • Teachers have flexibility in designing strategies and methods that will work with their students. Specific strategies include individual learning, cooperative learning, data driven instruction, team teaching, peer tutoring, remediation, various interventions, and computer based instruction and assessment. The curriculum varies from a focus on Common Core State Standards and basic skills to working on personal development and behavior.

System-wide Features

  • Positive Behavior Intervention Supports(PBIS) is integrated school-wide and on all campuses.  Students are encouraged to problem-solve to get through issues with one another.  Students are taught what is expected and the expectations are modeled by all staff members to reinforce positive behavior.
  • School-linked support services with parents, communities, and access to basic health and social services are important features of many programs.




ALC’s Expectations

Eagles SOAR

S-Shows Respect

O-Obeys Adult Directions

A-Always Keep Hands and Feet to Self

R-Reacts Responsibly 



1545 Coty Street

Shreveport, LA  71101


Tiffany W. Brown, Principal


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